As an enthusiast of Thai cuisine I love trying unique ingredients, mastering new recipes, and learning about Thai culture. My husband found that same love for Thai cooking after visiting me in Thailand and attending a cooking class in Chiang Mai. He continued mastering his craft after returning home while I continued learning in Thailand and together we are excited to share our love of Thai culture and cuisine with you. We have created a series of affordable, fun, enlightening and delicious events for you to try from cooking classes to plated dinners and other special events. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the near future!

Cooking Classes

For those of you who love Thai food and are looking to add a few Thai dishes to your repertoire of recipes you can make at home, please consider one of our Thai cooking classes. Each hands-on class provides:

  • An introduction to Thai culture and cuisine
  • Instruction on 6-8 Thai recipes (appetizer through dessert)
  • Hands-on cooking time on 2-3 of those recipes
  • Full course meal prepared by the participants of the class
  • Printed copy of all the recipes from the class

We try to select recipes that use ingredients readily available in local Asian or International markets (many ingredients are available at your local grocery store). You’ll receive instruction on some of your favorite dishes from the local Thai restaurant and some additional recipes you’ve probably never tried. Where possible, we can cater the menu to the participants to ensure you are receiving instruction on dishes you’ll actually want to try again!

All scheduled cooking classes are held in my home in Monroe, Washington. We do offer on-site (in your home) classes as well. Please email for details.

Plated Dinner Events

We have also recently added plated Thai dinners similar to our cooking classes except you don’t have to cook! During these dinners we will prep and cook a series of delicious Thai dishes while you observe and socialize. Sit down to a multiple-course meal where you’ll learn about the dishes you’re enjoying and take home the recipes. All this without getting your hands dirty!

Upcoming Events

Classes ($75 per person)
Each workshop will run approximately 3.5 hours and will consist of between 6-8 Thai dishes. We will be sharing menus for each workshop as the dates approach. You can register for each of these workshops below. If you have preferred dishes, please fill out the form below and request information on which workshops will have those particular dishes.

Plated Dinners
Our plated dinners share a similar experience to our cooking classes except you don’t have to cook! Join us for an evening of delicious Thai food served in multiple courses and accompanied by a selection of beer and wine. The menu will include appetizers, soup, entrees, and a dessert. Join us for an evening where you’ll learn all about Thai cuisine, watch us create some delicious dishes, and savor the results.

  • There are currently no scheduled plated dinners; however, we are happy to schedule an on-site dinner party for your family or friends. You may contact us directly at to discuss setting up a date!

On-Site Classes

All of our scheduled classes take place in our home in Monroe, Washington; however, if you’d prefer to learn in your own home we do offer on-site classes where we bring our workshop to you! If you are interested in setting up an on-site class, please fill out the form below or contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss options. Please note that we do have a minimum class size and charge a small travel fee for these workshops. Varies by location.


To register for any of the General Classes or to set up a class, fill in the registration information below and you will receive a return email within 24 hours with event details and payment information.

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