Here are a few questions that I have frequently been asked about myself, the site, Thai cooking, and anything else relevant to this blog. Maybe you have some similar questions? Read away!

What were you doing in Thailand?

Living it up, and eating lots!

Seriously though, I was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. More specifically, I was working with teachers at the primary and secondary school level to improve their teaching strategies and techniques. I also worked in the community to locate areas of need and start projects to help in those areas. Outside of my job I traveled, cooked, and ate! Check out the Chefs page for a bit more detail.

How long have you been cooking?

That depends on what you define as “cooking”. Prior to Thailand, my cooking skills maxed out at spaghetti, nachos, and sandwiches. However, I’ve always been an avid baker and my skills in that area are a bit more refined. The cooking I then did in Thailand was by far the most extensive that I had done, but I plan to continue with other areas of cuisine sometime in the future.

I don’t cook. Do you think I can make these recipes?

Absolutely! Thai cooking can be really easy! It’s complex in flavor but the steps it takes to get there can be really simple. I guarantee that even the most novice cook (can we say me?) can successfully make most of these recipes. Give it a whirl. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

How can I contact you with questions or comments?

Feel free to leave comments on the page any time you want. I reply frequently! If you’d prefer to email me you can do that too. My email is kycooksthai@gmail.com.

Can I recommend recipes for you to try?

Of course! If you find a great Thai recipe that you’d like me to try out, send it on over. I look for recipes on my own but I’m always up for new ideas and recommendations.

What if I can’t find the ingredients for a particular recipe?

Don’t worry. There are often substitutes available. Check out the “Ingredients” page under “Necessities” for some of those substitutes. Also, read through the recipe page because I might put the substitutes in there. If not, feel free to email me any time. I’m constantly doing research in this area and can let you know what to use instead and perhaps even where to buy it!

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