The Necessities of Thai Cooking

Within these two links you will find all the information you need to cook a great Thai dish. This section is broken up into two sections – Ingredients and Equipment.

Ingredients – This section includes a long list of all of the ingredients that give Thai food that authentic Thai taste. Some of the ingredients you have heard of and have probably used in your own cooking. Others will be completely foreign to you and will take some practice to learn how to use correctly. Either way, this list should give you an extensive overview of every ingredient that plays a role in Thai cooking. If you feel something is missing, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll add some updates!

Equipment – Thai cooking is reliant on the correct equipment. From the wok to the rice cooker, authentic Thai food requires specific cooking gear and techniques in order to get the right final product. This list will provide you some basic information on the key elements to creating a proper Thai dish.

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