Cooking Basics

So you want to be a Thai chef? Or maybe you’re just looking for the best Thai restaurant to visit on Friday night?

Well, no matter what your Thai food goals, this blog is for you. In this section, you’ll find a bunch of information about Thai cooking basics. You’ll be able to read up on the traditions of Thai cooking including why they eat family style, how they mix and match their dishes, and what utensils you’re supposed to use for which dishes. You’ll learn about communal eating, the balance of flavor, and how these things have been adapted for American culture.

Additionally, if you’re goal is to actually cook an awesome Thai meal, you’ll find pages on the best ingredients and equipment to use to reach that goal. Read through these pages to find information on what ingredients give you that authentic Thai taste and what pots, pans, and electronics you should have in your kitchen to create that perfect dish.

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