The Chefs

“Ky” Cooks Thai

My name is Kylene and I am a lover of everything Thai. I had an amazing opportunity to serve in the U.S. Peace Corps in Thailand and completely fell in love with the country — the culture, the people, the language, the customs, and of course, the food! Thai food has always been one of my favorite cuisines and being sent to Thailand only fed that love (pun completely intended). My taste buds couldn’t have spent that time in a better place.

Upon returning home I decided to continue my love affair with Thailand though this blog. For a few years, it told the story of my continued efforts to learn everything I could about Thailand and their cuisine.

Now, I’m a wife and mother with a crazy passion for travel and learning new things. I continue to hold a deep love for Thailand and its cuisine but I’m thrilled to be able to expand that love to other cuisines and cultures as we start traveling more in the years to come.

If you have any questions about the blog, my time in Thailand, or anything else that fancies you, feel free to email me at

Cory Also Cooks Thai

Cory is my husband and he shares my passion for Thai culture and cooking. It started when he came to visit me for a few weeks during my service. He immediately fell in love with the country and when we attended a cooking class together in Chiang Mai there was no turning back.

He returned to the states and began his own Thai food journey. It was something we shared living halfway across the world from each other. He started practicing on his own, asking me questions via email, sharing his successes (and some failures too!). When I returned to the states, this became a passion we pursued together.

We cook Thai food at home all the time, taught cooking classes for awhile, and he inspired many of the blog posts that I wrote. Moving forward, he will continue to be a big part of KyCooksThai, the adventures we share and the food we cook.

Henry Doesn’t Cook Thai (But He Eats)

Henry is our amazing six-year old kiddo who loves to eat our Thai food and shares his brutally honest opinions about it. Henry has always been an adventurous eater and has very few things he simply won’t eat. We’re very lucky in that regard.

In general, he’s a hurricane of a kiddo with a great personality, a ton of energy, and a sarcastic sense of humor just like is parents. He will be a huge inspiration for this blog moving forward and I can’t wait to share more family adventures!

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