Pok Pok Cookbook and First Recipes

This past weekend I was introduced to heaven in a cookbook. No lie, I have a ton of cookbooks but this particular one is my new obsession.

Within my collection I have quite a few Thai cookbooks – everything from the printer paper string-bound book handed out during my cooking class in Chiang Mai to Thai Street Food, a nearly 400 page, five-pound, oversized book best known for the incredible photographs found inside. I’m constantly looking for new books to add to my collection and awhile back a follower of my blog informed me that I should look into the Pok Pok cookbook.

Do yourself a favor and visit Pok Pok in either Portland or New York. Aroi maak!

Pok Pok has a cookbook, you say? You mean all of the amazing recipes from the Pok Pok restaurant can be made at home? *swoon*

In that very moment I died and went to heaven … and immediately ordered the cookbook of course.

The day it arrived was like Christmas. I curled up on the couch with a grin on my face like a giddy school girl and started slowly working my way through the recipes. How could so many amazing recipes be found in one place? And more importantly, how had I gone this long without knowing about it?

No matter; I have it now and that very first night I pulled out at least a dozen recipes that I want to try … right now … today … this minute. Unfortunately, that’s not possible *grumble, grumble* so I settled for one to start with that sounded off the charts.

Sii Khrong Muu Yaang – Thai-style Pork Ribs

Can we say delicious?

I couldn’t just make the ribs on their own so I selected a second dish that I absolutely loved in Thailand but haven’t had since coming back to the states – Pak Boong Fai Daeng (Stir-fried Morning Glory). I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited I was to make this meal.

And let me tell you, it turned out INCREDIBLE. A few comments from my fiancé as he ate:

“These are some of the best ribs I’ve ever had.”

“This sauce is so freaking good.”

“You can make this meal every day if you want to.” *No thanks, it takes a lot of time, but nice compliment anyway!*

Let’s just say I was super proud of the results and SO excited to have found this cookbook. If you have the time I would definitely recommend giving these recipes a shot. We plan on making this again very soon, hopefully this time out on the grill with some beer and good company!

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