A Tasty Tease

It’s going to be a little while before you get my first attempt at a recipe, but I thought I’d whet your appetite by giving you some pictures of the meals Cory and I made during our cooking class. I will definitely be attempting these recipes again along the way. Enjoy!

Tom Kaa Kai
Pad Thai: A Traditional Favorite
Tom Yam Gung and Kai Phat Met Ma Muang
Paw Pia Tawt
Som Tam
Laab Gai
Geng Kiao Waan Gai
Paneng Gai
Gluai Buat Shee
Fresh Spring Rolls
Kaao Niao Ma Muang

3 thoughts on “A Tasty Tease

  1. Meghan

    Ummmm…. Get busy! I need all these recipes!!! You do know that Thai food is THE favorite in our household, don’t you???? Cooking class on our visit please!!!!

    1. kylenemichele

      I’m going, I’m going! And I’m totally up for a cooking class while you are here … wonder if Dad and Nancy would be up for it. It was seriously such a blast. You would LOVE it!

    2. kylenemichele

      This recipe is so freakin’ easy. Like literally boil … and wait … and serve. So good! The kids would love it too.

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