Friday Five: Twitter Thai Dishes

I never used to be a big Twitter follower, but ever since I started my blog and decided to create a Twitter account to go along with it, I’m obsessed.

The obsession isn’t necessarily with posting … I actually don’t post all that often. But I read. Oh how I read! I’m following 366 different people – a good mix of everything. I have a few family and friends, some companies and organizations I’m fond of, and a large group of food enthusiasts.  I follow a number of the Food Network chefs, some restaurant owners, and a bunch of foodies, bloggers, and amateur/professional creative food geniuses.

I fell away from Twitter for awhile when I was making my transition back to the United States from Thailand, but now that things are settled and my blog is back up and running, I find myself on the site all the time. And the best part about it? The recipes!

I am constantly clicking links from my “friends” to images and recipes of amazing food dishes – anything from apple turnover cupcakes to bacon wrapped scallops and “the best burger you’ve ever tasted”. More importantly though, there is also a long list of Thai recipes that have come my way through Twitter feeds. I love it.

So, today’s Friday Five is a list of five awesome recipes I have come across via Twitter. I haven’t tried any of them. I can’t vouch for their authenticity, deliciousness, or ease to prepare. All I can say is that the recipe sounds awesome or the picture looks amazing … or in most of these cases, both!

These are in no particular order. Without actually trying them, I didn’t feel good about ranking them 🙂

Click on any of the images to be redirected to the poster’s website for the recipe, more pictures, etc.


1) Vegetables in Red Curry and Coconut Milk – posted by @Mango_Queen

This one is a favorite simply because I’m obsessed with curry! The ingredients in this look awesome – some I cook with often and others I have tended to steer away from in my Thai cooking, but now I want to experiment with (potatoes, etc). I’ll be trying this recipe soon. Click the picture to hit up the recipe.

2) Tom Yum Gai – Sour and Spicy Chicken Soup – posted by @templeofthai

This made my top five for a few reasons. First and foremost, I love the website. They have tons of amazing recipes, great pictures, and lots of useful tips. Second, I love this soup. I usually make it with shrimp, but the chicken version looks fantastic too. And third, the recipe looks fairly easy to follow. Maybe it’s just because I’ve made the soup many times before, but I feel like it’s something the majority of people could try with great success.

3) Thai Fried Garlic Pork On The Bone – posted by @BKKFatty

Oh. My. Goodness. This recipe looks incredible. I’ll say right off the bat that this one might be a little out of my skill range to actually make, but I can almost taste it just looking at the picture! This type of meat – barbecued pork, beef, chicken, anything really – is one of my favorite street foods in Thailand and to find a recipe that I might be able to try at home is awesome.  My mouth is watering just looking at it!

4) Yellow Curry Paste – posted by @templeofthai

And here they go again! Temple of Thai brings another fantastic recipe I want to try. As I said above, I am all about the curries … and, I’m all about the curry pastes. I enjoy store bought paste from time to time when I don’t have time to throw together my own, but I much prefer to prepare my own ingredients and pound down the paste in my mortar and pestle. I’m not sure if it’s an aggression thing or what, but it’s kinda soothing! So, any great “from scratch” curry paste recipe I can find is a winner. And, this is the best yellow curry paste recipe I have found. I already have pretty great options for red, Panang, and green, but I was looking to round it out with something like this. Happy girl.

5) Thai Shrimp Cakes with Sweet Chili Sauce – posted by @shesimmers

Yes please! First of all, @shesimmers is my idol. She has an incredible Thai food blog that I have used numerous times for tips and techniques and I’ve tried a number of her recipes as well. I love when I find something awesome on her site, and am super thrilled to share this one with you. I’m a lover of fish cakes, and this recipe for shrimp cakes looks divine! The image is from the recipe posted on SeriousEats, but you can find a ton of other awesome recipes on her website

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