The Thai Food Challenge

Sawatdee ka!

Welcome to my Thai cooking blog! Over the last seven months I have joyously indulged in the amazing cuisine of Thailand. From the succulent fruits to the savory curries, Thailand has some of the best food this world has to offer. I have been lucky enough to enjoy these amazing dishes every day. However, over the last seven months I have never once produced these amazing foods on my own. I have been daunted by the crazy spices, unique ingredients, and seemingly complex concoctions. For seven months I’ve left it to the pros (the awesome Thai women at the market!) …

Until now!

I recently attended a cooking class up in Chiang Mai that changed my world forever. My fears of the Thai kitchen were completely assuaged thanks to a vibrant little woman name Pii Oye. In just one day Pii Oye opened my eyes to incredibly simple ingredients, fast and easy techniques, and ultimately delicious foods (that I made!). I have a new passion for Thai cooking and am embarking on a new cooking challenge. I have decided to open my doors and share my kitchen adventures with you.

The Challenge

My plan is to cook every weekend. My weekdays are quickly filled with lesson planning, school activities, and naps šŸ™‚ but my weekends provide plenty of time for cooking it up. Every week I plan on picking one recipe (to start). During the week I will compile all the necessary ingredients by visiting the store, the market, and my neighbors. Then, I will fire up the stove and cook my little heart out! Then, I’ll eat šŸ™‚

The Blog

The blog is here to share this experience with you. What will you find on here? Obviously you’ll find a long list of recipes as the weeks progress. I’ll post the recipes I actually make along with additional recipes I find that seem interesting or tasty. I’ll also post basic information on Thai Cooking, ingredients and where you might find them in the states, substitution ideas, tips, general thoughts, etc.

Most importantly, I’ll blog about my cooking experience. As I make all of these wonderful dishes, I’ll be sure to post every success and failure. Which dishes tasted amazing and which dishes were a complete flop? What happens when you turn the gas stove up too high before lighting? Why can’t you substitute real lime leaves with Kaffir lime leaves? All the mishaps, all the tasty treats, everything, will be posted here.

The Goal

My goal for this blog is to share Thai cooking with all of you. I have a unique experience to learn Thai cooking in Thailand with fresh ingredients, proper equipment, and great Thai mentors to make sure I do it right. I look forward to sharing all of that knowledge with you in hopes that you all will try it out for yourselves!

Thai cooking is not difficult. Anyone can do it! I look forward to hearing your comments, questions, and stories of your own attempts at Thai cooking.

Let the tasting begin! šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Thai Food Challenge

  1. Kathy moore

    This is awesome Kye!! I love Thai food. I make a Thai soup that is easy. It will be fun to check this blog. Thank you for sharing.
    Love Kathy

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